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IMM Issue Tracking Instructions.

YTC is leveraging the Podio workspace for use in Issue Tracking accross multiple projects/workspaces. These instructions will describe how to handle the issue tracking from both Infor and IMM along with descriptions of status and priority.

Podio was selected as a tool with the flexibility and visibility required to manage the IMM Issue List. The flexibility and customization has allowed us to cater the collected information and workflows to keep everyone moving forward and issues being resolved and tracked in an efficient manner.
Below are vidoes and information that will give you the necessary understanding of Podio and how we are leveraging Podio to manage the collection, visibility and movement of issues from collected to closed.
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Using Filters

Using and understanding how to use the filters within Podio really help you to drill into exactly what is important to you. Also learning how some of the views in conjunction with filters can make the data more visibly relevant.

Using Custom Views

If there are a consistent number of filters you are always having to create to view the data you need it can be easier to create some custom views to more quickly drill directly into the data thats important to you.

Creating an Issue With Issue Introduction

So you have found an issue and need it logged. The Issue Introduction App within Podio will allow you introduct your issue for evaluation. Once the issue is created using the Issue Introduction App it will be reviewed for possible duplicity and if found relevant be moved into the master issue list and assigned a valid Infor Issue ID. Watch below for the steps necessary to create an issue for tracking using the Issue Introduction app within the IMM Issue tracking workspace.
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Issue Status Definitions.
Here is the list of possible status(s) that an issue can maintain, along with the definition and which team should be responsible for setting status.
*click on below status(s) to see further details.
  • find_replaceResearch
    This issue has been determined to require further evaluation. It may require that monitoring might be required to determine the extent of the problem and/or if further information is required. This one is in stasis.
    This status is maintained and set by Infor
  • find_in_pageFound
    When an issue is first introduced to the Master Issue list it will be marked in this status. This indicates that it still needs to be evaluated for assigment and priority.
    This status is maintained and set by Infor
  • timerAwaiting Assignment
    Priority and information for issue is correct and current Infor Engineers are being evaluated to determine who best to manage the resolution of this issue.
    This status is maintained and set by Infor
  • personAssigned
    An Infor Engineer is currently assigned to this issue.
    This status is maintained and set by Infor
  • move_to_inboxReady For Deploy
    This issue has been resolved within the Infor development environment and is ready to be deployed to an IMM environment for re-testing. This status is awaiting deployment.
    This status is maintained and set by Infor
  • doneDeployed
    Issue has been resolved and deployed to IMM enviornment for re-testing. The associated IMM Engineer will be notified when this status is set and are responsible for testing the issue to determine if original issue has passed re-test.
    This status is maintained and set by Infor
  • delete_foreverClosed
    IMM Engineer has re-tested this issue and determined that it is no longer a trackable issue. It has passed all re-testing.
    This status is maintained and set by Ingram Micro
  • sms_failedFailed Test
    This issue was re-tested by IMM Engineer and determined to be still out of tolerance with expected system behavior. Needs to be re-assigned to an Infor Engineer for re-evaluation.
    This status is maintained and set by Ingram Micro
  • assignment_returnedReturned
    While researching the issue the Infor Engineer determined that this issue needs further information/logs from IMM for continued resolutoin. This requires that the IMM Engineer associated re-evaluates the information attached and makes sure to add further information to the issue to assist the Infor Engineer.
    It is not required that Ingram Micro change the status of this issue when further information is added.
    This status is maintained and set by Infor
Here is how to determine what status to set your issue.
  • check_circleLow
    Low priority issues are usually cosmetic. They aren't critical to the functionality of the system but may indicate an incongruence with requirements.
    These issues will be the last issues to be resolved
  • check_circleMedium
    Medium priority indicates that this issue goes beyond just cosmetic and could potentially have an impact on operations. These are desired fixes but not critical to the use of the system.
  • check_circleHigh
    High priority indicates that this issue is required to be fixed before go-live and could be potentially if not directly affecting the ability to complete testing objectives. Testing is being compromised by this issue however the system maintains stability.
  • check_circleCritical
    Critical priority indicates that the system is compromised and testing is being halted by the inability to manage past this defect. The system either crashes or is unable to move forward.
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